SWTX Publishing, Inc. | About the company
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Southwest Texas Publishing, Inc. started as a small veteran, minority owned San Antonio based publishing community in January 2006 by Mr. Rex Middleton. Since its beginning, Southwest Texas Publishing, Inc. has created a reputation for excellence and integrity in the military publishing community. We continue to publish high-quality relocation guides, magazines, folders, maps, and websites for the military, and has moved up from one publication a year to publishing 32 times a year in five states. Southwest Texas Publishing, Inc. has been able to continuously grow every year despite this unsteady economy.

Our experienced management team is composed of dedicated and creative professionals, who are devoted to delivering high-quality, informative publications on-time. We have the background, experience, and enthusiasm to meet our customer’s needs, and meeting the publication needs of our government agencies. We look forward to continued growth in the coming years, especially in the civilian sector.

Southwest Texas Publishing, Inc. is also up to speed with the forever growing Social Media and will make sure our clients are up to date on all new ways of bringing buyers and sellers together.